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Why Kairos?

Swiftness and Accuracy are what we prioritize in our services.


PT. KAIROS MULTI SEJAHTERA operates in the commerce and distribution of fastener and technical items. Our market includes shops, industries, and contractors who are based in Indonesia. Firstly established in 2007 under the name of CV. KAIROS MULTI USAHA located in Jl. Gunung Sahari IX as a fastener importer, we officially relocated to Perkantoran Mega Sunter at Jl. Danau Sunter Selatan in 2009, with an additional warehouse and workshop located in Jababeka Industry.

Bolts and Nuts are used in constructions to bind one building component to the other impermanently, without deteriorating the physical components of the component itself. Due to its function, bolts and nuts play a crucial role in the construction, industrial, automotive, and many other industries. Other than standardized-size fasteners, we also provide customisations services for non-standardised items at your convenience. Our customized items include but are not limited to: Anchor Bolt, U-Bolt, Trackstang, and many others. To support the government in terms of import quota limitation, in 2018 we also started producing our own fastener to provide local needs.As a guarantee, all of our products’ materials have been certified.

Sincerity, persistence, as well as trust are the basis of our commitment in providing the best services for you.



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Mission & Vision

To do more than expected has been the foundational motto of our company ever since it was first established.

To be a fastener and general equipment distributor that provides the highest quality products, while also continuously growing as a company in both national and international scale, and delivering swift, precise and trustworthy services.

1. Participates in the infrastructural development of Indonesia by providing the construction and industrial sectors with fastener and general equipment products.
2. Consider the best interests of our stakeholders.
3. Establish trustworthy and beneficial partnerships with every customer.