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BM HEX 8.8 + Ring Plat + Ring Ver Hot Dip Galvanis (mm.)

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BM HEX 8.8 + Ring Plat + Ring Ver Hot Dip Galvanis (mm.)

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BM HEX 8.8 + Ring Plat + Ring Ver Hot Dip Galvanis (mm.)


M08x16mm. P1.25 K13, M08x20mm. P1.25 K13, M08x25mm. P1.25 K13, M08x30mm. P1.25 K13, M08x35mm. P1.25 K13, M08x40mm. P1.25 K13, M10x20mm. P1.50 K17, M10x25mm. P1.50 K17, M10x30mm. P1.50 K17, M10x35mm. P1.50 K17, M10x40mm. P1.50 K17, M10x45mm. P1.50 K17, M12x25mm. P1.75 K19, M12x30mm. P1.75 K19, M12x35mm. P1.75 K19, M12x40mm. P1.75 K19, M12x45mm. P1.75 K19, M12x50mm. P1.75 K19, M12x55mm. P1.75 K19, M12x60mm. P1.75 K19, M12x65mm. P1.75 K19, M12x70mm. P1.75 K19, M12x75mm. P1.75 K19, M12x80mm. P1.75 K19, M12x85mm. P1.75 K19, M12x100mm. P1.75 K19, M16x25mm. P2.00 K24, M16x30mm. P2.00 K24, M16x35mm. P2.00 K24, M16x40mm. P2.00 K24, M16x45mm. P2.00 K24, M16x50mm. P2.00 K24, M16x55mm. P2.00 K24, M16x60mm. P2.00 K24, M16x65mm. P2.00 K24, M16x70mm. P2.00 K24, M16x75mm. P2.00 K24, M16x80mm. P2.00 K24, M16x85mm. P2.00 K24, M16x90mm. P2.00 K24, M16x95mm. P2.00 K24, M16x100mm. P2.00 K24, M20x35mm. P2.50 K30, M20x40mm. P2.50 K30, M20x45mm. P2.50 K30, M20x50mm. P2.50 K30, M20x55mm. P2.50 K30, M20x60mm. P2.50 K30, M20x65mm. P2.50 K30, M20x70mm. P2.50 K30, M20x75mm. P2.50 K30, M20x80mm. P2.50 K30, M20x85mm. P2.50 K30, M20x90mm. P2.50 K30, M20x95mm. P2.50 K30, M20x100mm. P2.50 K30, M20x110mm. P2.50 K30, M22x40mm. P2.50 K32, M22x45mm. P2.50 K32, M22x50mm. P2.50 K32, M22x55mm. P2.50 K32, M22x60mm. P2.50 K32, M22x65mm. P2.50 K32, M22x70mm. P2.50 K32, M22x75mm. P2.50 K32, M22x80mm. P2.50 K32, M22x85mm. P2.50 K32, M22x90mm. P2.50 K32, M22x95mm. P2.50 K32, M22x100mm. P2.50 K32, M22x110mm. P2.50 K32, M22x120mm. P2.50 K32, M22x130mm. P2.50 K32, M22x140mm. P2.50 K32, M22x150mm. P2.50 K32, M24x45mm. P3.00 K36, M24x55mm. P3.00 K36, M24x60mm. P3.00 K36, M24x65mm. P3.00 K36, M24x70mm. P3.00 K36, M24x75mm. P3.00 K36, M24x80mm. P3.00 K36, M24x85mm. P3.00 K36, M24x90mm. P3.00 K36, M24x95mm. P3.00 K36, M24x100mm. P3.00 K36, M24x110mm. P3.00 K36, M24x120mm. P3.00 K36, M24x130mm. P3.00 K36, M24x140mm. P3.00 K36, M24x150mm. P3.00 K36


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